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Absence makes the skills fade

MAL 2020
Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 12 June 2020
Tags: SafetySkills
Pre-lockdown mileage averaged 583 miles. In May the average was just 90 miles, even as the lockdown was being eased.  33% of drivers drove less than 25 miles and many thought that ther own driving skills had lost their edge.

Hyundai surveyed 2,000 motorists, of which 18% found getting behind the wheel again rather daunting. Over 25% had stalled their car, 21% had kerbed their wheels, with the same number forgetting to indicate. 40% had not visited a petrol station in more than a month, and 12% repported that they had forgotten which side their fuel cap was on.

Apart from feeling that their own skills were worse, many also thought that the average skill of all road users had deteriorated.  So, if you are gradually getting back into normal travelling mode, the lesson is take it easy until you have reacclimatised yourself to your car and the roads.

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