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Bans on some cars brought forward five years

MAL 2020
Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 17 February 2020
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In a move to phase out fossil fuel driven cars and force a swith to electic, the Government has brought forward the ban on sale of petrol, diesel and some hybrid car to 2035. At the same time the Government is ending its Plug-in Car Grant in the next two months.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has expressed concern and accuses the government of causing confusion amongst manufacturers and moving the goalposts.  Bear in mind that electric vehicles will not be very common until they start to flood the second-hand car market - about 2030.  

The organisation’s Chief Executive, Mike Hawes says that accelerating will take more than industry investment, yet we still don’t have clarity on the future of the plug-in car grant while the UK’s charging network is still woefully inadequate.

We need government to explain how it will enable this change in a way that safeguards industry and jobs, as well as making it feeasible for people from all income groups and regions to adapt and benefit.

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