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Chinese Curse

MAL 2020
Published by Mike Shea in Health, safety · 15 April 2020
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A well-known Chinese curse is 'May you live in interesting times'. Well, these times are certainly interesting, in the most challenging sense.
The COVID-19 virus may have started as early as the beginning of December 2019, but not officially recognised as a problem until late January.  The rest is history, as they say, but the effects of the pandemic are still with us and are expected to continue for many more weeks. The lock-down to impede the spread of the virus requires us all to cooperate by staying in as much as possible, and only going to work if the work cannot be done at home and the worker is not laid off or furloughed.

Staying in has vastly reduced the demand on motor fuels, and once-log-jammed streets are now devoid of cars.  However, there is a growing trend for motorists to return to the roads.  In the safety of their car, what risk are they to themselves or others?  That all depends on where their journey ends.  If it ends in a supermarket car park and the end of a long queue of people standing two metres apart, then perhaps not so bad.  But socialising is not a valid reason to travel.

In the meantime, ironically, motor travel has just got a lot cheaper.  Russia and Saudi Arabia embarked on an oil price war just as COVID-19 was beginnig to bite, with the result that oil reserves are close to absolute full capacity and forecourt prices have tanked.  If you can travel, and need to for legitimate reasons, now is the time to fill your tank.

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