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Ensure your insurance

MAL 2020
Published by in Insurance, Law · 10 November 2018
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When we apply for car insurance, we are invited to give an expected annual mileage.  That seems an innocuous question, but it is loaded with danger.  The reason is that if you underestimate your mileage you may find, in the event of a claim, that you have driven yourself out of insurance cover.  The question is a serious one which insurers use to set your premium, you need to take care to be as accurante as possible.  The best way of course is to compare the mileages recorded on two consecutive MOTs and calculate from that.  If you are fortunate enough to be driving a newish car that does not yet have an MOT, you will have to fid another way of getting to a realistic figure.  Past mileage is not the complete answer though, and yoou should build in some leeway to cover your unexpected trip to John O' Groats!

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