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Is this shocking?

MAL 2020
Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 15 July 2020
Tags: Drivingelectriccars
Electric Vehicle network installer Smart Home Charge carried out a survey on the likely effects of a government inducement to buy an electric car, for example by a favourable scrappage scheme.  50.4% respondents to their survey would either 'definitely' or 'were more likely to' buy an electric vehicle if such an inducement was offered.  Only 10% said a scrappage scheme would not ainfluence them.

It is believed that the lockdown has had some effect on opinions about electric vehicles.  The reduction in noise pollution, for example, issomething some would like to see become permanent.  A large proportion felt the same way about air quality, attributing the improvement to the lockdown.  Many said that buying a fully electric car would be their preferred way of maintaining these benefits.  Having said that, almost a third of respondents said that their driving habits would return to normal.  

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