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It's not you, it's the others

MAL 2020
Published by in Safety · 15 August 2019
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The next time you find yourself driving in the vicinity of a van, keep at a safe distance.  A report by VW into van drivers' use of mobile phones has come up with some alarming statistics. 500 drivers were asked about their mobile phone use.  Over 50% admitted making and receiving calls whilst driving without using hands-free systems. Amazingly, a third of these actually had hands-free technology but didn't bother using it.

Bear in mind that two years ago stiffer penalties were introduced for using hand-held phones whilst driving.  The problem is that apart from the coincidence of a police driver seeing someone driving whilst on the phone, the only discovery of someone doing this would be after they have had an accident.

On average a van driver spends 35 minutes a day phoning whilst driving, making an average of seven calls. 10% spend an astonishing 2 hours or more on the phone.  25% of vans do not have hands-free technology fitted.  So beware.  If you see a van, ask yourself, is the driver holding a mobile phone while driving, and do you want to be the innocent driver who gets involved in the accident the other driver is likely to cause?

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