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Litter Louts Watch Out!

MAL 2020
Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 8 March 2020
Tags: Litterdriving
You will have noticed signs appearing at roundabout slip roads warning how much litter costs the council.  There is one at the Northchurch and Tring roundabout on the A41.  There are many others.  Why roundabouts I wonder?  Is it because they tend to be hidden from view and a convenient place to offload crisp packets while stationary?  Whatever, the cost to local councils runs into millions a year.

Littering is antisocial at the least and can amount to vandalising of the countryside, spoiling other people's enjoyment of a walk in the greenery.  A study has found that UK motorists are in favour of tougher penalties for drivers caught throwing litter from their car. Recent legislation empowers councils to double the fine imposed on a driver dumping rubbish out of the car window to £150, but many would like to see that amount increased.

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