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Motorway Speed Limit Shock

MAL 2020
Published by in Motoring · 4 October 2019
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It seems that debate has been going on in government about speed limits for some time, not about safety (the RAC's main concern) but about CO2 emissions, with higher speeds generating more. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has now suggested that perhaps the speed limit embargo should be reconsidered in light of the growing use of electric vehicles (whose carbon footprint is of course in their manufacture, not their on-road usage). The RAC says that the issue is fundamentally one of safety, and they can't see any reason why speed limits should be increased.  Seems a logical position - a crash at 70mph is serious whether it's in an electric car or a fossil-fuelled one.

Electric vehicles account for 1% of new cars on the road,although registrations in July 2018 at 880 were surpassed in July 2019 when 2,271 wreregistered.  

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