Dashboard Symbols - MAL 2020

Market Autos Limited
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Dashboard Symbols


Air filter clogged

All wheel drive disabled  and fault warning

Antilock brake system

Attention alert

Automatic gear lock

Battery charging problem

Blind spot warning

Brake assist and anti-slip regulation fault

Brake hold indicator

Brake warning indicators

Catalytic converter warning

Cruise control indicator

Cruise control symbol

Cruise control active

Check engine

Check engine electrics

Check fuel cap

Coolant temperature indicator

Daytime running lights

Diesel particulate warnings

More diesel particulate warnings

Differential lock indicators

Rear differential lock

Distance warning

Door ajar

Drivertrain or Powertrain trouble

Dynamic stability control or electronic stability programme

Easy access

Economy mode indicator

Economy operation indicator

Engine oil level or Engine oil pressure warning

Electric parking brake fault

Electronic gear malfunction

Electronic throttle control indicator

Electronically controlled brake system

Engine fault indicator

Fog lamp indicator

Rear fog lamp indicator

Four wheel drive indicator

Frost warning

Fuel low indicator

Fuel contaminated with water

Glowplug warning light

Low speed and grade assist

Headlamp indicator

Headlamp automatic dimmer

Headlamp cornering system malfunction

Headlamp levelling system and malfunction

Headlamp out or malfunction

High beam assistant

Headlamp main beam

Keyless ignition key detector and fault

More keyless ignition key detector symbols

Lambda (Oxygen) Sensor indicator

Lane departure warnings

Low brake fluid indicator

Low brake pad warning light

Low coolant

More low coolant indicators

Master warning light

Message indicator

Owner's handbook

Park assist

Parking brake indicators

Power steering trouble

Rear light indicator

Rear light out

Reduced engine power

Seat belt reminder

Security and / or immobiliser symbols

Service reminder

Side airbag warning

Slip indicator and fault indicator

Sport mode indicator

Stability control off

Suspension settings

Traction control and off

Transmission temperature warning

Transmission warning indicator

Tyre pressure low

Various stability control off

Windscreen washer fluid low

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