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Data Protection

Data Protection Policy and Your Privacy

We retain the minimal amount of information to enable us to offer a service with continuity.  The information we hold includes:

  • Your name and form of address
  • Your phone number
  • Your car make, model and registration
  • Your car mileage
  • Your past invoice history with history of work carried out
  • Your MOT results

We do not share any of these details with any other company or person.

If you do not wish us to hold your data, please contact us on 01442 826767

Cookie Policy
We only use cookies to enable you to use our forms and to count the number of visitors we get to our site.  Our cookies make no records of anything you might enter on our forms, they do not track your individual entries or have any means of identfying you.  We use cookies to count the number of visitors to our site and to count the page views.  At no point is your identity discovered, unless you have given us that detail by using one of our forms, and in that case no record is kept of whatever you might enter via our forms on our website.
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