Meerkat's Fuel Saving Tips - MAL 2020

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Meerkat's Fuel Saving Tips

Save fuel and money

Driving with soft tyres can add up to 2% to your fuel bills, but don't overinflate - use the correct pressure.

Avoid sharp braking and accelerating, you'll get there anyway.

Stick to speed limits. Slowing by 10mph can save up to 40p on fuel for every 10 miles.

Don't over-rev.

A constant speed at 56mph uses 25 per cent less fuel than 70mph.

Look around for cheaper fuel (obvious?)

Keep the car well serviced.

Make sure the handbrake is fully disengaged.

Turn your engine off at railway crossings, in long traffic jams, etc...

Switch off your air con, open your air vents.

Avoid using things that drain the battery, e.g.rear window heaters, blowers.

Reduce drag by removing roof racks and carriers when not in use, keep windows closed.

Reduce weight - remove unnecessary luggage, don't fill the tank to the brim (fuel is heavy)

Toll roads can save you money by having better road surfaces causing less wear on tyres and lower fuel consumption.

Use cruise control on long journeys if you have it.

Reverse in when you park so that when you start off again with a fuel-inefficient cold engine you get off to a smooth start.

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