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Daylight Saving

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 13 November 2020
Tags: Safety
Daylight saving was introduced, I believe, during World War 1 to aid the factory war effort.  I have never understood what the benefit is - the amount of daylight doesn't change because of it, it just swaps dark early mornings for dark early evenings.  Many workers who have to start early or catch a commuter train would not notice a difference.

However, we are now back to GMT and that means a lot of homebound driving in the evenings, although night-time journeys only account for 20% of journeys.  Yet they account for 40% of fatal accidents - glaring oncoming headlights, poorly marked country roads combined with tiredness etc.  So if you are one thecommuters plunged into darkness for the trip home, take exta care.

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