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More for EU to Worry About

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 23 October 2020
As from 2022 the European Commission will require all new cars sold in the EU to have software fitted that will alert the driver if the road's speed lmit is being exceeded.  The European Tramsport Safety Council estimate that this will reduce collisions by 30%.  I wonder how that will affect UK drivers, as we are no longer in the EU?  What about cars from the US, Korea, Japan etc coming into the UK?

In a poll on this, two thirds of drivers were against the idea.  However, some sat navs on new cars already show the road speed limit visually, so it may be a small step to add an audio signal as well.  The 'Intelligent Speed Assistance' is not supposed to act as a speed limiter though, just a warning.

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