Dogged attention to safety

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Dogged attention to safety

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 15 June 2021
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It is common to see a dog hanging its head out of the window to catch the breeze and smells, but an unrstrained pet in the car can be dangerous.  Raelly the animal should be kept away from the driver and restrained in some way so as not to cause distraction or other interference with the driver.

Here are some simple rules to follow, some so obvious it makes you wonder why people need it pointing out:.
  • Don't drive with pets on your lap.
  • Keep away from the driver, in the rear or better still in a cage, but never in the boot of a sedan-style car.
  • Don't cause the pet any severe distress or suffering

Dog harnesses work by securing your dog via a seatbelt attachment, and should always be used in the rear seats.  Hammock seat covers and front seat barriers are also an option to restrict the dog's access to the front.  Have water and food on hand, and discussing options with your vet to prevent or deal with dog motion sickness.

Final warning, don't ever leave your dog in the car even with the windows down a bit.

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