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If you'll take the Highway...

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 8 October 2021
Tags: Safetydriving
The new Highway Code is being issued this autumn and includes some interesting new codes.

At junctions, pedestrians and cyclists will have priority over motorists.  At the moment car drives are not required to stop until a pedestrian has set foot on the crossing, and pedestrians are told not to cross until the cars have stopped. In future the right of way of pedestrians and cyclists will be strengthened.  Cyclists will get priority when cyscling straight ahead at junctions.

There will be a tiered heirarchy of road users, with the more high risk users having to take greater responsibility for keeping other road users safe.  Whether a lorry or a cyclist is the more high risk is debatable.

How a driver opens his car door has been codified.  In order to ensure tat the door is not opened inadvertently on another road user, drives will be required to open their door with the hand fartest from the door, so that they are forced to be aware of e.g. a cyclist about to overtake.

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