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Squeaky clean

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 15 May 2021
Tags: Carcare
Now that you may be back on the road more, your car will be once again exposed to all the dirt associated with travel.  Apart from the safety aspects of keeping your lights clean, let's face it, a long-term dirty car says something about the owner.  So what do you do?

For convenience and cheapness there are the automatic car washes, for more cash there are hand wash businesses that crop up everywhere manned by Eastern Europeans (even in shopping centre car parks) and there is do it your self.  The temptation may be to opt for cheapness and drive through an automatic car wash.  However, think before you do.

The brushes tend not to be maintained well, and will cause micro scratches in the paintwork that eventually become quite noticeable.  There is a process whereby the paintwork can be levelled down so that the scatches disappear, but that can only be done so often and in any case costs about £1,000.  So not an option.

Hand washing is best, two buckets of water and a clean microfibre cloth.

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