The road to zero carbon

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The road to zero carbon

Published by Mike Shea in Motoring · 15 September 2021
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In the headlong dash to stop man-made global warming (a concept that more and more are realising is flawed) we now have a choice of two sorts of petrol - E5 (the normal one) and now E10.  10 signifies that up to 10% of what you put into your car's tank is ethanol, which does not emit carbon dioxide.  Therefore by using E10 fuel you are doing your bit to save the planet.  You will of course suffer a reduction in performance, so by the time you have floored the accelerator to compensate, probably the CO2 output is much the same.

Anyway, the future we are told is electric vehicles.  If you can afford one. in any case, there are some very real logistical issues to solve - where is the electricity going to come from, to name but one.  And the charging times.  They need to improve.  At present, for exmple, here in the UK, there are four types of public charging points:

  • On-street & lamp post public slow chargers (3kW - 6kW) provide up to 15 miles range per hour
  • Car park fast public chargers (7kW - 22kW) 7kWs provide up to 30 miles range per hour whereas 22kWs provides up to 90 miles range per hour
  • Motorway service station rapid chargers (43kW - 50kW) provide up to 90 miles range in 30 minutes
  • Rapid superchargers (100kW – 150kW) provide up to 200 miles range in 30 minutes

And in cold weather those times will increase.  This looks like a road to nowhere to me.

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